Even if you don’t sing or play an instrument, you can help provide leadership or support in worship. Whether you feel called to serve up front or behind the scenes, weekly or intermittently throughout the year, there are many opportunities to use your gifts and help others connect with God.

Here are some of the ways that you can be part of worship at Glen Mar:

Worship A/V Team
The Worship AV Team consists of laity called to minister by providing tech support for the weekend worship services and other special services, such as Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. This team works closely with the Pastor for Worship and is responsible for the tech setup prior to worship and for all operations in the Spirit Center tech booth during the worship services.

The Worship AV Team provides support in a broad range of areas, including video (recording, editing, and playback), audio (recording and mixing) and media display. If you have any questions about the Worship AV Team or are interested in joining this ministry, please contact us at worshipav@glenmarumc.org.

Lay Readers
Adults, youth and children are invited to serve as lay readers at the 8:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. services. Lay readers help the congregation encounter the living Word of God by reading scripture aloud during worship.
The word "liturgy" comes from a Greek word meaning "the service of the people." In a worship service, liturgists help the congregation to serve God through prayer. Adults and youth are welcome to join the rotation for the 8:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. services on Sundays. Most weeks, liturgists lead the congregation in the Call to Worship, the opening and closing prayers, the Lord’s Prayer, and a pastoral prayer.
Worship Leaders
Glen Mar’s worship leaders provide leadership for various parts of Glen Mar’s four worship services, including the welcome, the sharing of joys and concerns, and the offering. During the service, they provide welcome and instruction to first-time visitors and invite and inspire people to worship God.
Communion Servers
Adults and youth in Confirmation or above assist with serving Communion at any of Glen Mar's four weekly worship services and at special services throughout the year. Glen Mar Church celebrates Communion on the first weekend of each month. Communion servers are scheduled to serve 3-4 times each year and are called upon at additional times as needed.
Glen Mar’s ushers are instrumental in welcoming people to worship. In addition to handing out bulletins and guiding people to their seats, ushers also serve as a point of connection for people needing assistance or information. They provide support in worship by making sure the service runs smoothly from start to finish. Adults and youth are welcome to serve as ushers. We also encourage children to participate as ushers alongside their parents.
Beginning in third grade, children can serve as acolytes in worship at the 8:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. services and at special services throughout the year. Acolytes begin the worship service by bringing in the light of Christ and lighting the candles on the altar. At the end of the service, they take the light out of the worship space, reminding us that we are called to carry Christ's light into the world. Children are trained as acolytes during 3rd grade Children's Learning, but other arrangements can be made for training. To learn more about acolytes, contact Margaret Lang, margaret.lang@glenmarumc.org.
Altar Guild
The altar guild ensures that the altar space is prepared and maintained for worship, paraments are changed according to the liturgical calendar, and supplies are ordered as needed.
Creative Arts
We are always looking for people with gifts in the visual arts, dance and drama to enhance our worship by helping people connect with God in meaningful, creative ways. We call upon people with gifts in the creative arts throughout the year and during festival service times like Christmas, Holy Week and Easter.

Ministries of Welcome

There are also numerous opportunities to support weekend worship by participating in one of our ministries of welcome:

Parking Lot Ministry
Members of the parking lot ministry provide the first expression of welcome as people arrive for Glen Mar’s worship services. They assist with the flow of traffic on Sunday mornings and at special events, provide direction for visitors, and offer assistance as needed.
After members of the parking lot ministry, greeters extend the first sign of hospitality and welcome to people entering the church building. Greeters are also stationed at other visible points in the upper and lower Gathering Place to greet worshipers and direct visitors to places like restrooms, the nursery, and classrooms. Adults, youth and children are welcome to serve as greeters.
Welcome Center Hosts
Welcome Center hosts staff Glen Mar’s Welcome Center before, during and after any one of the four weekend worship services. They provide a warm welcome to worshipers and are available to answer questions and provide information, direction and welcome gifts to visitors. Both adults and youth can serve as Welcome Center hosts. Contact worship@glenmarumc.org for more information.
Families and small teams of individuals are needed to serve the coffee, lemonade, donuts and veggies that are available on Sunday mornings. Sign up here. Download the Fellowship Time Instructions. Questions? Contact hospitality@glenmarumc.org.


Get Involved

If you feel called to help with any of these opportunities, please contact worship@glenmarumc.org.