Dear Glen Mar friends,

As I write this, I'm at Nathan's college orientation program, which is very surreal. It's a reminder to me of God's provision to get Nathan to this point (and me as his mom, too). The program is structured and designed to help kids feel like they belong, and feel welcome. Advice about "finding your tribe" and "self-care," and "being open to the transformative nature of the college experience." The hashtag for this event is #youhaveaplacehere. It occurs to me that being part of a church family can be like that, too. Did you know that everyone has a place in the body of Christ? YOU have a place here at Glen Mar, too. If you need help connecting or "finding your tribe," reach out to Pastor Anna, our amazing Pastor for Community Life.

As I watch Nathan so full of excitement and a bit of trepidation... I think that being a disciple of Jesus brings forth some of those same feelings - the excitement of knowing that we can share the love of Jesus with others, that we can, in fact, change someone's life by being a friend, by fixing a roof, by praying with someone, or by showing with our life and witness that you can be smart and open and funny and kind and loving AND a Christian, too.

I hope you'll join us this week for worship. I'll be preaching on how to follow this Jesus who seems to ask such hard things of us. And, I've been praying all week for the 96 amazing folks we commissioned to go to Hurley, VA last Sunday (Check out the pic on our Facebook page!).

See you in Church,

PS If you have made your pledge, thank you! If you haven't turned in your pledge card, there's still time to do so. I hope you'll join me, and others, in investing in Glen Mar so that we can keep changing the world, in Jesus' name.