Facilities Scheduling

Please be aware that Glen Mar charges fees for Non-ministry events like birthday parties, meetings, classes, and other secular events. (See Fee Table at the bottom of the page.)

For best results, please read through directions below before clicking the form button:

  1. Help us help you by communicating as much as possible about your event.
    • Please carefully consider all the items in the form.
    • If you are unsure what to input into a mandatory field, make your best guess – and report any confusion.
    • If you don’t know what specific space/room you want, the number of people attending will help us to determine that for you.
    • If the room you want is not available, pick another room.
  2. Electronic Sign/Banner Requests: please use the Sign Request Form. Signs span a completely separate time line than the events or activities.
    • please use the following format for naming Sign Requests:
      • Electronic Sign – Name of Event/Activity for example, Electronic Sign – Jewels for Hope
      • Banner – Name of Event/Activity for example, Banner – Jewels for Hope
    • click box for All Day Event – Recurrence Daily – Recurrence Rules – Every [1] Day – End Event after [#] occurrences, (maximum is 14 days).
  3. When you fill out and submit a request, you will be sent an email from eSPACE with a link allowing you to check on the status of your request. You can also check it from the My Glen Mar page, “FACILITIES SCHEDULING” area.
  4. If your event is a non-ministry event, please do not pay until the event is approved.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns about your request, please email the Facilities Team.
Glen Mar Events Calendar

The Glen Mar Events Calendar allows you to see what is currently scheduled.

Fee Table
Fees for Non-Ministry Events

Please wait until your event is approved before making a payment.
For your convenience you have 2 options for payment:

  1. Pay by check
    • Deliver to the church office
    • Mail to 4701 New Cut Rd. Ellicott City MD 21043 Attn: Alison Mannino
  2. Submit payment online
      • You will have the option to pay the processing fee for the payment.
      • Use the “GIVE” button at the top of the website, then the “GIVE NOW” button to pay online at any time.
      • Use the “GIVE NOW” button below.
      • For “Give To:” choose “Facility Use Contributions”
      • Email Alison Mannino – tell her you made the payment