You never have to join us as a member to attend here.

Come worship with us. Plug in to our community. If it feels right, let’s talk.

Glen Mar believes that involvement in a local faith community is a pathway for living out our call to follow Christ and be rooted in his life-giving message. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey with Christ, you are welcome at Glen Mar Church! We do not require membership of the church in order to worship, belong to groups, participate in classes, or serve in almost any ministries. However, for those who recognize God’s call in their lives and wish to make an initial or ongoing commitment to follow Christ, membership in the church is an excellent way to celebrate what God is doing in our lives and live out the promise to follow Christ.

Membership Process

Attend Glen Mar’s Lunch with the Pastors.

The first step is to learn about Glen Mar Church, ways to grow in your faith, expectations of membership, and to receive answers to your questions about our community. Contact the church office, for details on the next meeting or check out our upcoming events.

Participate in A Disciple’s Path group.

After coming to Lunch with the Pastors, you are encouraged to participate in a six-session group study, which focuses on developing the spiritual practices to support your journey as a disciple of Christ, discovering the spiritual gifts God has given you, and identifying your next steps in ministry and mission through Glen Mar. Participation in A Disciple’s Path is not mandatory, but it’s a great way to connect with others who are new to the church. Information about new Disciple’s Path classes forming will be posted in Upcoming Events.

Join the church at one of our worship services.

Baptism is the way someone “joins” the Christian faith, so if you want or need to be baptized, that will be part of your joining our church. If you are already baptized, you do not need to be baptized again when you join our church, you may choose to verbally reaffirm your faith. If you belong to another church, we can transfer your membership to Glen Mar.

Questions? Email us.