Well, hello there!

Thanks for checking out Glen Mar Church!
What an interesting time for, well…just about everything! For a normally packed church on Sunday mornings (and many times throughout the week), it’s been quite a transition over the last year, to move worship and Sunday morning children’s programs and small groups and ministries and operations online and then offer experiences in every kind of format. But, we’ve been able to praise, grow, and serve creatively through God’s grace.

No matter how you join us, whether online, hybrid or in person:

You are welcome here.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whether you have never been to a church, are a life-long Christian, or are somewhere in the middle, there is a place for you here.



Our mission at Glen Mar Church is Praising God, Growing Disciples, and Serving the World. What this means is that we are constantly seeking to love God with our hearts, learning about God with our heads, and serving God with our hands.


Our vision is to be a church that roots people into the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. Inspired by a prayer found in Ephesians 3:16-19, the key hope is that we would be “rooted” deeply in the love of Christ and come to know how very high and deep and wide that love is. That love is what leads us to praise God, want to grow as a disciple of Jesus, and want to serve others in Christ’s name.


Of course you have questions. Fire away! You want to know:

Glen Mar currently offers a spirited traditional worship service every Sunday in person or via live stream at 9:30 am. At 11:00 am, we offer a contemporary worship service in person.

Welcoming! All services offer a time of worship through music, prayer, a relevant message from the Word of God, a time of giving, and time to be in God’s presence in community (even if virtually). Most services are about one hour long.

You will be greeted with a smile, warmth, and hospitality on your first (and every) visit. You will not be expected to stand up, introduce yourself, or come to the altar. You will be invited to get more information or share any information to connect with any communities of Glen Mar.

There is no dress code. We have folks in suits and in jeans and sometimes O’s or Ravens jerseys. Wear what makes you most comfortable.

There are two main entrances; one near the playground when you travel to parking lots toward  the left of the circle, and the other when you travel to the right of the circle to the upper parking lots.

Not at all! Our congregation is very diverse. People come from all different faith backgrounds and denominations. Many former Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, other faith backgrounds – and no church background at all – attend Glen Mar Church.

The United Methodist Church, including Glen Mar Church, practices open Communion. All are welcome to the Lord’s Table. You do not need to be a member of Glen Mar or any church to receive Communion. There are no age requirements – children are invited to take Communion if the parents wish, and they need not have been confirmed. There will be liturgy that is call and response, bread will be broken (gluten free options are available), grape juice (instead of wine) shared to all who wish to receive.

Effective September 12, 2021, Glen Mar's in-person contemporary worship service is moving from Saturdays at 6:00 pm to Sundays at 11:00 am.

Children and youth are welcome to attend any worship services with their families. During Sunday services, many children and youth prefer to take part in our Sunday morning programs, which are offered during the school year (Sept-June). During the summer, when Sunday morning programs are out of session, we encourage families to attend Sunday worship together.

Infants and toddlers are welcome anytime at any of our worship services! The Chapel room is open during services for parents with small children who prefer to stay with them. The worship service is projected on the big screen. During the school year (Sept-June), we offer free nursery care as an option for parents. Space is limited. For the most up-to-date nursery information, search the Blog or email our Childcare Coordinator.

Yes! Children and youth are welcome to stay in the Spirit Center during service. Glen Mar loves the joyful noises of children so you do not have to feel pressured to quiet or settle squirmy children. Children are fully welcome as beloved children of God.

No. There are several ways to give. There are text and online options for your convenience.

Not sure what to do next? We’d love to help you get connected.

Start here…

How about Virtual Coffee or Lunch with the Pastors?

Our pastors would love to meet you for coffee or lunch, either virtually over Zoom or in person, depending on your preference. These meetings are scheduled once per month and give you a low pressure “no strings attached” way to get to know our church leadership and ask any questions you may have about our church – and we get a chance to learn about you, too! Interested? Just email Melaina Trice, Pastor of Worship and Communications, and we will be in touch to make arrangements.

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Connect with a Small Group
Check out our Blog and sign up for Pastor’s Ponderings for weekly updates
Explore Children’s Learning options

What if I want to become a member of Glen Mar?

Membership in the church is not required in order to worship, belong to groups, participate in classes, or serve in most ministries. Many people find that they want to join our church because of what they find here – they are loved, they are growing in their faith, and they are serving their neighbors in ways that are life-giving and they want to “make it official.” For those who recognize God’s call in their lives and wish to make an initial or ongoing commitment to follow Christ, becoming a member of Glen Mar United Methodist Church is an excellent way to do that. Learn more here.


Pastor Mandy Sayers
Lead Pastor
ext. 202

Pastor Melaina Trice
Pastor of Worship and Communications
ext. 215

Pastor Heerak Kim
Pastor of Youth & Mission
ext. 214


Julie Metakes
Minister for Children & Families
ext. 204

Want to connect?

Join us for worship, and/or feel free to reach out via email.


For after-hours pastoral care emergencies, call this pager number. At the beep, please key in the phone number where you can be reached, including the area code, and then hang up. We will call you back.