Our Summer Concert Series

Glen Mar regrets to announce that we will not hold summer concerts in 2020 due to COVID-19. We hope to continue our tradition of holding free summer concerts in 2021.

Concert Summaries and Comments
July 2017 Concert: Pianist Dr. Sophie Hong, Violinist Dr. Ahreum Kim, and Cellist Peter Kibbe
Pianist Dr. Sophie Hong, Violinist Dr. Ahreum Kim, and Cellist Peter Kibbe demonstrated their exceptional talent and training with spirited instrumental music from a variety of cultures and time periods.
"The Korean song touched my heart. I got tears." - Steve Rim
"I liked the ragtime and honky-tonk. It was a nice surprise to hear the Broadway (music)." - Mollie Kaufman
August 2017 Concert: Sopranos Molly Allen and Dr. Ji Eun Park, Tenors Daniel Noone and Baritone Youngsoo An, and Pianist Dr. Nicolas Catravas
Sopranos Molly Allen and Dr. Ji Eun Park, Tenor Daniel Noone and Baritone Youngsoo An, accompanied by Pianist Dr. Nicolas Catravas, showcased their superb musical skills and diversity by performing selections from Lucia di Lammermoor, a mix of arias, and Broadway tunes.
"I think everyone who came here really enjoyed it and is hungry for more." - Ron Stevens
"Performances were emotionally moving." – Heekyung Bae, a reviewer for The Korea Times
June 2018 Concert: Ken and Brad Kolodner, with Rachel Eddy
Baltimore-based father/son duo Ken and Brad Kolodner, along with Rachel Eddy, delighted the audience by singing old-time tunes and playing a wide array of instruments - the hammered dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, banjo, clawhammer banjo, gourd banjo and hammered mbira.
"They had great energy. I liked listening to old-time songs." - Joe Pagan
"You can tell they practice a lot together. They all hit the notes at the same time." - Andy Newton
August 2018 Concert: The Federal Brass of the U.S. Army Field Band
The Federal Brass of the U.S. Army Field Band’s unique and innovative approach to chamber music, including songs members of the group arranged themselves, captivated our audience. Providing the exhilarating music were Master Sgt. Wesley Ballenger (trombone), Staff Sgt. Andrew Emerich (percussion), Sgt. 1st Class Phillip Kennedy Johnson (trumpet), Staff Sgt. J. Greg Miller (horn), Sgt. 1st Class Carmen Russo (trombone), and Master Sgt. Ward Yager (trumpet).
"They were extraordinary musicians." - Linda Baker
"They had musicianship of the highest quality. Their repertoire had a lot of variety. The program had something for all ages and tastes." - David Lunt
June 2019 Concert: Beijing Guitar Duo
The world-renowned Beijing Guitar Duo, composed of Meng Su and Yameng Wang, played classical, Chinese, and tango music.
"I enjoyed their technique - watching their fingers move so fast." - Sofie Fudge
"They are a walking advertisement that music is the international language. It knows no bounds in their hands." – Spencer Klevenow
August 2019 Concert: Quantico Marine Corps Jazz Combo and Brass Band
Two ensembles from the Quantico Marine Corps Band, the Jazz Combo and Brass Band, enthused audience members of all ages with traditional favorites as well as current tunes.
"They were a joy to watch." - Lynn Egan
"They were very innovative. They played music I didn’t expect a Marine band to play." – Bruce Romenesko

Funding for these concerts comes from sponsors, donations, and grants. We are very grateful to our 2019 sponsors. They are the Harry H. Witzke’s Family Funeral Home, friends of Glen Mar's music program, Rod and Karen Angle, and Scott and Barbara Carter.

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Sponsor or Donate: If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to the 2021 Glen Mar Summer Concert Series, contact Dr. Sophie Hong at summerconcerts@glenmarumc.org.


In early 2017, Glen Mar Director of Music Dr. Sophie Hong formed a volunteer committee to help with the concert series. Committee members meet a few times a year to offer advice on prospective performers and other aspects of the concerts. Committee members acquire sponsors and donors, submit grants, publicize the events, and handle refreshments served during the concerts.

Members of this committee are Connie Ballenger (director of publicity), Scott Carter, Lois Hildebrand, Patty Hutton, Estelle King, Fred Sadler (executive director), and Susan Straumanis. Additional volunteers help with ushering, greeting, child care, and technology.

Sign up to Volunteer: If you are interested in volunteering for the 2021 Glen Mar Summer Concert Series, contact Dr. Sophie Hong at summerconcerts@glenmarumc.org.