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Sing a New Song to the Lord, for He has Done Wonderful Things!

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By Sophie Hong, Music Director
Make music a part of your new year!
We have many music teams from which to choose. As we are learning in our latest sermon series, music – singing a song – helps us through the cold of winter! Joining a group of singers also connects us to a community of people who love music. Join us today!


Progressive Folk Trio Founded by a Glen Mar Member to Perform at Glen Mar

Music Ministries News & Events
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Ronn McFarlane is returning to Glen Mar, the church he attended in his youth and the house of God that his parents, the late W. Lee and Mary McFarlane, helped found. McFarlane iscoming to play the lute. And he’ll do it as a member of the progressive folk trio Ayreheart that he founded in 2010.

Ayreheart will hit the Spirit Center stage on Friday, August 12, 2022, at 7:00 pm for a free one-hour performance…