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Dear Glen Mar friends,

I’ve been reflecting on the ministry and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, as we prepare to serve on Monday specifically in his memory and honor and as Glen Mar strives to live out what Christian community looks like, in our caring for the vulnerable, and in our working for justice. Dr. King wasn’t always “Dr. King.” He was born in Atlanta, Georgia—a preacher’s kid, with siblings and school and tantrums and all the normal things of childhood. He grew up in the segregated south. And God used all his gifts in amazing ways, so that he could do his part in a pivotal time in our history—a time that still tugs on our life today, with work yet to be done.

The new year is a great time to pray about where God is calling each of us to serve and to grow. That’s why I’m excited about our new worship series, “God.Gifts.You: Your Unique Calling and Design” If the Advent season is about Mary saying Yes, and God’s plan for the world in Christ’s birth, perhaps the season after Epiphany is about how we are called to say Yes to our participation, our reflection of the light of Christ, in God’s plan for sharing Christ’s good news (hope, faith, love, joy) with the world.

We are not called to be Dr. King—only Dr. King is called to do that. But we are called to use our gifts to be who we are called to be. We are called to use the gifts God has given each of us to love and serve, and to build up the Kingdom of God where we are. Blessed to be a blessing…called to do our part for God’s mission at Glen Mar.

We’ll start this week with a look at an unlikely candidate for God to use for God’s purposes—Moses. That stutterer who grew up in Pharaoh’s house didn’t think he had much to offer, but God had other ideas. Join us in person or online for “When God Calls Your Name.”

See you in church, in person or online,
Pastor Mandy

PS Did you know we will offer flu shots, and Pfizer vaccines and boosters (for age 12 and up) and health screenings at Glen Mar as part of our MLK Day of service? All the details for the day are here! Particulars on the screenings and shots are here. Most of the “projects” are to be done at home but don’t miss this chance to guard your health on MLK Day!

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