October Clergy/Staff Appreciation Month

Opportunities to Serve

October is Clergy—and here at Glen Mar, also Staff—Appreciation month!  Our staff have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic keeping us safe and providing us with a joyful space.  At Glen Mar, all of us are a team.  As a team member, it’s important to let our coaches know that we appreciate them, and that we recognize the incredible effort they put forth to keep our team running.

So, if you see a clergy teammate, tell them thank you.  If you can send a card to a staff teammate, let them know how much you appreciate them.  If you feel called to carry the baton in an area of ministry, reach out and ask, “How can I help?”  During this trying time of pandemic, let’s all do our best to show our love and gratitude to our amazing coaches and fellow teammates!

Go, Glen Mar!
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