Glen Mar Sets Up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

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by Bruce Leuthold

Glen Mar Church partnered with Columbia Medical Practice to hold two drive-through COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Glen Mar’s parking lot on Saturdays, August 28 and October 2, 2021.  Those who wanted to be vaccinated could register online or onsite.  Both clinics were open to everyone 12 and older.

As a result of the first event, 19 of our neighbors received either their first or second Pfizer vaccinations. At the second event, people had the opportunity to receive their first dose, second dose, or a booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

Columbia Medical Practice supplied the vaccines. Its personnel registered people, administered vaccinations and answered medical questions.

Glen Mar volunteers greeted people at the intersection of Montgomery and New Cut roads while they held up a “FREE COVID SHOT” sign. In addition the volunteers performed tasks at the clinic such as collecting participants’ photo IDs and health insurance cards at the registration station and waiting at the holding station in case someone experienced a reaction to the vaccine.

Among the numerous ways the public was informed about these events were flyers written in English, Spanish, and Korean.

Below are testimonies from the volunteers that show that God was at work in Ellicott City.

“Today was another example of how we can serve God through community service. Every time we serve the Lord this way, the feeling is wonderful. The thought that even one individual was helped today, makes the effort all of us put in more than worth it.” – Kurt K. at the first clinic

“It felt so good to be serving our community and getting shots in arms!  It was amazing to see how committed our volunteers are and how excited community members are to be vaccinated.” – Lauren W. at the first clinic

“I felt fantastic and helpful. I saw God at work today by allowing the sun to shine – when the meteorologist was calling for rain. My ‘God Moment’ was when volunteers asked, ‘How can I help?’  I saw God at work today when his children were serving others.” – Monica D. at the first clinic

“It was a very enjoyable experience. Standing on the corner waving to people driving by served as a second reward. Even though most didn’t stop by the clinic, waving back to us, gave them a smile and spread a little bit more happiness into others’ lives. Serving today, helped me realize that you can serve two purposes with one mission. It was a real treat.” – Eddy C. at the second clinic

“It was a wonderful experience to meet the people who came for their vaccine. They were very appreciative of the opportunity to get a shot on the weekend. Many of them work in the healthcare field and needed their booster shot, while others were teens and young adults looking to get their second shot. It was also wonderful to reconnect with folks from Glen Mar who I had not seen in person for months if not over a year! I felt God’s presence as we served our neighbors and also had an opportunity to personally reconnect with one another.” – Joan M. at the second clinic

“Being with others who are also ‘servants’ is validating. I follow what Glen Mar preaches. We set an example of what God looks likes, what He does, what He acts like. God always changes me because He is always teaching me through others.” – Debbie M. at the second clinic

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