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Dear Glen Mar,

Last Sunday’s theme was “A God Who Overcomes” as part of our Overcome: Hope and Healing in the New Year. This week we will (I promise) look at how God helps us overcome “fear.” The Bible is full of situations where people’s fear is the thing that gets in the way of their relationship with God and with each other. God’s message to fearful people is often “Fear not, I am with you” or “Peace be with you.” How can we have God’s peace in this season, and how does God’s peace equip us to be Christ’s body in the world? (And yes, wearing a mask is an act of faith, not fear). Dr. King said, “We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear…” so come Sunday, and let’s do some building together.

In a year full of losses for so many, I wanted to lift up our Journey through Grief group. There’s still room for people to join today and tomorrow for the group. It’s not just for people who’ve experienced grief in ways we think of right away, but for anyone who is having a hard time with this year gone by, and who could use a reminder that we are not alone on the journey. Contact Marti Windram by Saturday to join in.

Also, our time together to pray on Wednesday was really important in light of that day’s events. It’s in my heart to do it more. On Sunday 1/17 through Wednesday 1/20 at noon each day, join us on Zoom or right where you are, to pray for our nation, and for peace, that there would be no violence, and instead a spirit of hope and healing. The Zoom link is in your Pastor’s Ponderings email (if you’re subscribed), or you can pray where you are. I want to invite you when you pray to light a candle (safely) as a reminder of our call to be salt and light.

See you online,
Pastor Mandy

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