I see you…

Dear Glen Mar friends,

"I see you, I know your name, you matter."

At our recent visioning day with Leadership Board, we worked on the "next faithful step" that we believe God is calling Glen Mar to take as a church. Our work together led us to reconnecting with the mission and vision that led Glen Mar to establish this great big church on a hill in the first place. That mission and vision you know well enough - we lift it every week in worship. We also believe that our God calls us to be a blessing to and in ministry with and for all of our neighbors. We are "blessed to be a blessing."

It's time to expand the breadth and depth of our hospitality here at Glen Mar. We are already a "friendly church" but it's sometimes easy to think that "someone else" is in charge of sharing God's welcome to each other and to others.

At our visioning day, this vision was summarized by, "I see you, I know your name, you matter." This pattern is one that we see in the gospels, as Jesus sees people other people tend to overlook, and reaches out to them, and then goes further by caring about them, and inviting them into life-giving relationship with him.

What would it be like if we prayerfully "saw" our neighbors as Jesus sees them? Who in your neighborhood needs a blessing, a healing, or a community of love and forgiveness? What if we "saw" the people around us in worship or in the Gathering Place as Jesus sees them? What if we reached out and engaged one another in conversation instead of simply remaining silent, in the neighborhood or the grocery line or even in the sanctuary? (Not just "I see you" but "I know your name"). And then what if we looked for ways to reach out to people to show them how much they matter---to Jesus, to Glen Mar, to us, in Jesus' name?

I want to invite you to begin to see, and connect, and reach out in deeper ways so that we can share the love of Jesus, make disciples of Jesus, and transform the world, one neighbor at a time.

Will you commit to being a prayer partner? Perhaps God is calling you to help with hospitality, to join our hospitality team, or be a friendly greeter to welcome folks God sends. If this resonates with YOUR spirit, please let me know.

Together, we can make a real difference for the neighbors, and share the love of Christ. "I see you, I know your name, you matter."

See you in Church,

The Glen Mar Church building is closed to the public through 4/26. We will have worship online Sundays at 10 AM. Click for more information