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Pastor's Ponderings

Dear Glen Mar friends,

In the spirit of this weekend’s worship, where we will celebrate what it means to grow as a disciple of Jesus, I offer you Pastor Mandy’s top 10 reasons to join a small group/Bible study:

10. Because God’s Word is contained in scripture and one important way that God teaches and speaks to us.
9. Sometimes having a group to study Scripture with together helps in collective understanding and ensures that I do the reading. #procrastinatorinrecovery.
8. People who will pray with and for each other through the joys and the valleys of life.
7. Discovering that everyone is on a journey and other people also have challenges too (it’s not all like the Instagram posts and perfect pix on Facebook).
6. The Holy Spirit draws folks together and you really come to love and care for one another.
5. Discovering that you can disagree about biblical interpretation and still be brothers and sisters in Christ, go to the same church, and love one another.
4. Laughter, tears, stories, and snacks!
3. Making friends…sometimes hard to do in a big church…and especially hard in a COVID time.
2. Leaning on one another and on Jesus too.
1. Finding out the blessing you get from it is so much more than you thought, and seeing yourself grow in Christ, and you’re not even sure how it happened. Hint: The Holy Spirit.

The Task Force for Reopening has studied community virus data and starting July 1, vaccinated people will not be required to mask at Glen Mar. Thank you for your care and patience in this time — we are almost there!

See you in Church this weekend,
Pastor Mandy

PS Services for Estelle King will take place at Glen Mar at 9 am on Friday morning, 6/25. The family is so appreciative of our prayers and support.

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