I Give Up – Lenten Booklet & Calendar

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The season of Lent is a time when we lean into our spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, scripture reading, meditation, worship, service, and Sabbath-keeping. As a part of our Lenten journey, we are inviting people to join us in our daily Lenten (Monday-Friday) devotions written by your pastors.

These devotions are accompaniments to the Lenten Sermons series and Lenten Study, I Give Up where we learn to give up fear, chasing approval, exhausting ourselves, those things that are killing us, and the burden of doing the things just because we have always done them. We give up so that we are able to give ourselves to God, each other, and ourselves.

The Lenten calendar (found also throughout the devotional booklet) gives suggestions for for household items and other ideas to give up or donate. The items collected are pretty easy to donate and if you need help in finding a donation spot, we’ll have a list of local spots to take your items. For each day, if you cannot donate an item, we are inviting you to donate some money into a “giving jar” as your Lenten giving discipline. Bring this jar to church on Easter Sunday where we will bless it and donate the contents to Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center.

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