No reservation required

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Our Task Force for Reentry met and we are pleased to let you know that we will NOT require signups for worship, starting this weekend. We will have space for all who would like to come. You may sit a little closer together than the vast space we have been using, if you have been vaccinated. We WILL be asking all people in the congregation to remain masked because of the presence of folks who haven’t or can’t be vaccinated (like our kids under 12). If you would like to have more/plenty of “elbow room,” for any reason, our ushers will easily accommodate you. You will be able to sing with gusto, while masked. Everyone leading worship up front who has been fully vaccinated will have the option to speak or sing without masks from the stage area and/or the front. No more plexiglass boxes for your fully vaccinated preacher/pastors while they are preaching. : ). Unvaccinated people up front will remain masked or behind plexiglass.

The 9:30 service will continue to be livestreamed. If the 9:30 service fills up “in person”, we will launch an identical later service at 11 am to accommodate everyone who wants to worship in person on Sunday mornings.

We’ll be launching a Saturday evening contemporary praise service on June 5 at 6 pm. We’re starting inside the Spirit Center at first, with the congregation masked indoors (because we have cool outdoor equipment on order that’s not here yet) but then we will move outdoors in future weeks.

Going forward, we will be able to have Holy Communion using individually wrapped/sealed elements (as we have been doing), but we will be allowed to partake of those elements in worship together, by lowering our masks, eating the wafer and drinking the little cup of juice, and putting our mask back on.

Groups of adults will be allowed to meet at the church. Masking will be the default rule indoors. However, if you are meeting with someone that you know has been fully vaccinated plus 2 weeks or you have a group (like a committee or a Bible study) where you know that everyone is in that category, you can meet without masks. Groups of children or indoor groups with children in them will be masked at all times. (Our ELC follows slightly different guidelines because they are in classroom “pods”).

We will not be having indoor eating/coffee or receptions yet as a general rule, but we will be allowed to gather in the gathering place while masked for conversation and to visit ministry tables, etc.

All this is subject to adjustment, and hopefully further expansion as things continue to improve and we get used to being together again, but I give thanks that we are on this road toward health and gathering!

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy