Pastor’s Ponderings – An Excuse or a Reason?

Pastor's Ponderings

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I have many excuses for why I don’t always take the best care of myself. I’m too busy, or too tired to work out. I tend to crave carbs, so I tell myself I can’t make good food choices. As I was telling myself these things this morning, it occurred to me that what I have labeled as an excuse might actually be a reason. What do I mean? The things I use to tell myself not to do the things that are good for me are really reasons why it’s all the more important. Because I’m busy and tired, it’s actually more important for me to work out—it’s a reason that I need to do that. Because I think of a bag of Oreos as a serving size, it’s more important, it’s a reason, for me to make healthier food choices.

I wonder if it’s the same for our discipleship. If you are telling yourself that you don’t have time for Bible study or small groups this fall because you are busy, or you think you don’t know enough or you don’t know anyone at Glen Mar, maybe those are reasons why God wants to bless you through small group experiences! If you are telling yourself you can’t submit a financial pledge, because you are uncertain about the future, or because you don’t see the point since you give anyway, maybe those are reasons why you should—so that God can bless you through increasing your faith, and so the church can do a 2023 budget based on people saying “Here I am, Lord,” and “I’m blessed to be a blessing.”

In meeting with Stewardship, we are so grateful for folks who have pledged to support our Operating and Capital funds in the coming year and for folks who so faithfully give. We have a fair number of folks who give, but haven’t given us a pledge estimate, and a fair number who haven’t yet begun to give.

So, If you haven’t submitted your pledge estimate for 2023 yet, and you do so between now and All Saint’s Day, I’ll give you a special gift. My beloved spouse, Eric, has recorded a CD of his playing some of his favorite songs of the faith on piano.  You can have a free copy, as a thank you from us, for your faithfulness, as soon as they’re ready. And, if your pledge estimate happens to represent an increase (in any amount) over last year, I’ll give you a free CD also. (And yes, when the CD’s are ready, anyone will be able to buy one—and if you want one and can’t afford one, I’ll give you one for free).  And if CD’s are too antiquated, there will also be a way to access the music through online platforms too!

Here are the links to our fall studies also. Because sometimes an excuse is just God’s reason in disguise.

Don’t miss your blessing! See you in worship this Sunday—and when you have a reason not to join us, flip the script. That could be the reason why you need to be there! I’ll be preaching on the call of Jeremiah…and ways God helps us say, “I am….able.”

See you in church,

Pastor Mandy


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