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Dear Glen Mar friends,

Starting on 7/1, masks are not required for vaccinated people at Glen Mar church. If you are not vaccinated, we ask that you continue to mask for your protection, and if you want to continue to mask for whatever reason, you are certainly free to do so. We will not be “social distancing” or limiting numbers of people in the restroom as a general principle. Individual programs may have more restrictive rules (especially if they work with children), so if you have questions about an activity, please contact the church or the staff person over that area.

Perhaps appropriately for our first service where masks are not required, we are starting a new series called “I See You.” Perhaps before we can love one another, we have to first “see” one another. We will look at the story of “blind Bartimaeus” to learn how we are called to “see” each other, and how easy it is to “overlook” a brother or sister in our midst. If in serving those in need, we see Jesus, it means we “overlook” Jesus too. I hope to SEE you in worship this weekend. (Livestreaming of the 9:30 service will continue, too).

”See“ you in Church,
Pastor Mandy

I wanted to share with you the passing of a few more Glen Mar saints. Robert Jessup passed away June 10 and Charles Reeder passed away this week. Charles’ service is “family only” but Bob’s will be July 6th at Riderwood Village, 3110 Gracefield Road, if you would like to attend.

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