Youth Fun This Fall

The Messenger
The Messenger 2022-11-01

By Pastor Heerak Kim

Corn Maze

Glen Mar Youth went to Maryland Corn Maze on Saturday, September 17. We enjoyed the zip line, petting zoo, corn pit, and maze. September’s sun was still rendering strong warmth and we felt hot without breeze in the maze. But we were able to cool off in the cool corn pit. We were supposed to find different dinosaurs through the maze. Most of our youth found them all. Some found the quickest way out and did not care about the dinosaurs. Not one of them got lost.

Youth Camping

I didn’t know the softball field was Glen Mar property until Brian Tucker, our facilities supervisor, suggested camping there instead of the front yard with all the lights in the parking lot. When we set up camp on October 15, it was dark enough to see some stars (which might have been Starlink satellites or the International Space Station).

The marshmallows Doug Greenhorn brought were so big that my mouth and fingers became all sticky after eating s’mores from the campfire. A spooky story that Joanne Miliner jotted down was narrated by Doug and we all listened to it around the fire. The highlight was the geocache Doug and Joanne prepared. Our youth were running around every corner of church property with their flashlights to find clues. Sophia told me she didn’t want to run again, while trying to catch her breath. But she started sprinting as others were galloping towards the next clue. It was a fun night. I was proud to share the smell of campfire smoke on my coat the next day.

The generation that went through the pandemic got used to denial. Their school got canceled. There was no prom. There were no clubs or birthday parties. As a result, this generation tends to have less or no expectations. As their pastor, I want them to have dreams. I want them to use their imaginations and create their future as crazy and wild as possible. I want Glen Mar to be a safe place for our youth to dream again.

If you want to be a part of the youth team, please let me know.

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