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art, holy week prayer walk, The Messenger 2022-05-01

By Pastor Heerak Kim

I had artwork outside my window during Holy Week. It was done by Grace Johnson who beautifully painted Jesus praying in the garden. People came periodically to participate in the Prayer Walk and stopped before the painting. Families with children tended to be all over the place. Couples or individuals took their time, sitting and meditating. In between times, the artwork was still there enduring the sun, wind, and rain.

Looking out my window, I felt that I was called to be like that artwork which was there, being present and available whenever people came. Maybe, the church is called in the same way. Where we may not be seen as relevant or efficient, we are still out there, enduring whatever whirlwind comes, offering our presence and availability, so that people can sit for a moment, breathe, and meditate.

I’d like to thank the artists and writers who contributed to the Prayer Walk.

The prep team did a wonderful job.

I appreciate those who walked the Walk and gave the meaning to all this by witnessing and participating.

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