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Dear Glen Mar,

In August, we plan worship in an intentional way to include families of every description, and this year, our theme will be “Journey Together,” with a hiking/camping vibe. Each week, we’ll have a children’s time that involves packing our backpacks for the journey we take together. I want to invite every person reading this to bring a kid’s backpack to church this weekend and next, with a few new school supplies inside. (Notebooks, folders, paper, pencils, whatever you can gather).

We’ll have the chance to bring those forward during worship for a blessing. And the week of August 8, we’ll share what we have collected with Guilford Elementary School in Columbia and Ames UMC in Baltimore. If you don’t have time to shop, you can bring a few extra dollars to worship and we’ll do the shopping for you. In this way, we can be a blessing, and pay it forward so that kids in need can have supplies for the journey.

I’m excited to preach on the story of Jonah as we start this series this weekend with the theme “Journeying in the Wrong Direction.” If you are joining us for worship, in person or online, you are absolutely going to be glad you did, and be going in the “Right Direction” so join us!

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy

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