Message to Glen Mar – Cancer Survivor Thank You

The Messenger

Dear Glen Mar,

Having survived cancer threefold within my body: skin, prostate… and now bladder with multiple tumors, I should like to express my deepest appreciation for phone calls, greeting cards and prayers offered on my behalf from the pastors and members of this congregation. During my first major surgery several years ago, I told my surgeon immediately prior to sedation: “I place my trust in you and in God for whatever happens”; instantly he replied: “but not in that order” … and I agreed.

My personal philosophy has always been that whatever I am confronting now is but another opportunity for God to show what God can really do… and… that I need to remember that just as God has been with me and led me through challenging experiences in the past, so, too, now God will be with me and lead me through this one.

Profoundly thankful,

George Goodwin

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