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Dear Glen Mar,

It’s Labor Day weekend! It has me thinking about “God at work.”: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.” (Gen. 1:31). I like picturing God in a yellow hardhat, construction plans in hand, with a ruler, a “plumb line” (see the Book of Amos), a pencil behind the Divine Ear. I see a twinkle in God’s eye, and a concentrated look, that feeling of flow, where time stops. I hear God whistling softly, sanding sharp corners and making angles true.

As people created in God’s image, I think we share in God’s “creative” nature. When we make art, or write, or play music, or solve problems, we are doing work that is a sort of shadow of the Divine Nature. So on this Labor Day weekend, I give thanks for meaningful work and sabbath rest, and for the joy of working in the Lord’s Vineyard with each of you.

I know you join me in prayer for our nation, and for our troops, and for the people of Afghanistan and the families of those killed in recent terror attacks there, especially our military and civilian personnel who perished caring for others.

I know you join me in prayer for the victims of recent storms and flooding, including our brothers and sisters in Haiti and on the Gulf coast, as well as our Hurley, VA ministry partners/family.

The recent flooding in Hurley, VA are recovering from another destructive flood that has damaged homes, roads, and businesses. As a Glen Mar team prepares to travel down to assist Hurley Community Development, we would like to fill a van with nonperishable items to be distributed at Hurley’s food pantry. Drop off any non-perishable food items in the gathering place by or before Sept. 12th to support this community in need.

We’ll also be collecting for UMCOR’s efforts in Afghanistan and Haiti…if you’d like to contribute, send your contribution made out to Glen Mar with UMCOR in the memo line to the church.

Let’s “labor” through our giving and our generosity to build our friends up, in Hurley, and Haiti, Afghanistan and Ellicott City.

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy


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