Pastor’s Ponderings – Jesus, A Winter Rose

Pastor's Ponderings

Dear Glen Mar friends,

I’m so excited for worship this week! At 9:30 AM we will have the cantata “The Winter Rose“ and at 11:00 AM we will have awesome contemporary music and carols and I’ll be preaching on Isaiah and “Peace for the Journey,”  for the 4th Sunday of Advent. Y’all come!

It’s also very easy to invite friends to worship (especially close to Christmas and with a great cantata). I hope you’ll invite folks you know to join us this Advent and Christmas season and to return! I was talking with a Glen Martian who shared that she came to visit us after repeated invitations from a friend who is a Glen Mar member. She said the friend told her many times, “You should come see Glen Mar. You will love it.” Finally, she came to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and then to worship.  And now, she’s one of our most energetic Glen Mar and Jesus evangelists. I’m grateful for the friend who persistently invited… and I’m grateful to have a church that she knew would be a blessing.

We want folks to come see us, and we want them to join our church family. Why?

  • Because, we want to grow with them as disciples of Jesus
  • Because, we want to be a blessing to them
  • Because, we want to show and share the love of Jesus

Praising God, growing disciples (and growing as disciples), and serving the world, make for a life full of hope, love, joy, peace and truth.

In honor of “The Winter Rose” whose birth we await (Jesus), the one whose nature and whose name is Love, I offer another “Rose” lyric from Bette Midler:

When the night has been too lonely, and the road has been too long
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong

Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love, In the spring becomes the rose

At Christmas, the seed, foretold by prophets and sent by God, becomes Jesus, our Savior. Love, coming down at Christmas… A Winter Rose.

See you in Church,

Pastor Mandy

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