Pastor’s Ponderings – Let the Son-Shine In!

Pastor's Ponderings

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Happy New Year!! I’m so grateful for everyone’s prayers and support for my family following my mom’s health issues. She was suddenly diagnosed with colon cancer somewhat out of the blue, and had surgery to remove it. I went to be with her to assist in her recovery. She’s much better now and I’m very glad to be “back in the saddle.”

January is a wintertime month and a time when the days are short (but getting longer). Many people suffer from the wintertime blues, and there’s even a condition called “Seasonal Affectve Disorder” to describe this need for sunlight. Inspired by Jesus the Light of the World, we are starting a new series called Spiritual Affective Disorder: Let the Son-Shine In! We’ll look at what scripture tells us about the gifts God gives to spark hope and joy, even in a winter-y season, and discuss spiritual practices that will draw us closer to Christ and shine God’s light in our hearts and lives.

This week, the theme is “Flip the Switch,” as we talk about Jesus as Light, and how to “Arise and Shine” in Jesus’ name. Need some inspiration? Check out this classic tune from the 5th Dimension, Let the Sunshine (Or as we think of it — Son-shine) in.

One of the ways we let the light of Christ shine through us at Glen Mar is through our MLK day of service. Sign up to attend to work on projects designed to bless others, or to help us host this great event.

See you in Church,

Pastor Mandy

PS Because of all my unexpected trips South, I wasn’t able to promote January’s Lunch with the Pastors like I wanted to. So we’ll cancel it for this month. Watch this space and your email for a rescheduled date.

For more information on what’s going on at Glen Mar, check out our blog “This Just In.”

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