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Pastor's Ponderings

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Christianity is not a solo endeavor – it is a team sport. Paul uses metaphors about each Christian being a different body part, all needed, to make the body of Christ (the church) function and work. He talks about the life of faith as being like running a race. As we start our new series, Mission Possible: Reaching the Goal, we will look at how to run the race set before us well, so that we can grow closer to God and to each other, and accomplish the mission God gives us to do (individually and together).

This week, we’ll look at the nature of “call” and Jesus’ calling of the first disciples, aka “getting the team together.” How have you experienced God’s call on your life? Maybe you felt that tug from God, when you discovered a love and aptitude for art or music or writing or math, or when you loved someone with the love of Christ – what Michael Gerson calls “a love much greater than evolution requires.”

This weekend, our confirmands will be at their retreat, getting “in shape” for confirmation next month. Please be in prayer for them, and their friends in faith, and the Confirmation Leadership Team.

Join us in worship as we unpack what it means to be a part of the body of Christ, on the CROSS-Country team for Jesus, in our lives and at Glen Mar church (see what I did there?). This is such an exciting time in the life of our Church as we move out of “pandemic mode” and into God’s future for our church – serving and blessing more people, connecting and loving each other and our neighbors better – reaching more people to reach the goal!

See you in Church on Sunday!

Pastor Mandy Sayers

PS Save the date for dinner and music on May 19 as part of our Summer Concert Series! Bring a friend! We’ll have 3 food trucks serving dinner from 5:30-7:30 and a concert from Bayside Big Band! Details and flyer here.

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