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Pastor's Ponderings

Dear Glen Mar friends,

Eric and I were so blessed to get to be at Nathan’s graduation, and to gather with my folks and my brother and his family for a couple days of celebration and time together! I’m grateful to Pastor Andy for his message and ministry and for helping us have that time!

Scripture uses the metaphor of adoption to describe what happens when someone is baptized/becomes a believer. Through God’s grace, we have been made One in Christ, and part of the family of God. Hearing stories of how our confirmation class has become friends, and how our small groups care for one another, it can feel like church at its best is like a family with Christ as its head. For some, the word “family” conjures up trauma, and for some “church” does the same, so like all metaphors, it is imperfect. But it is true that Christ is the one that makes a church family come together  (vs. limiting our church to just people “we like” or who are “like us.”). And there is freedom in knowing that we don’t need to “prove ourselves”to our brothers and sisters in Christ, because the church is a place where love should be unconditional, the welcome very wide — where all can belong, and grow, and serve and be cared for.

This Sunday we will celebrate our graduating seniors! Come out to show your love and support! And we will welcome Glenn and Kittie Simmons into our Glen Mar Church family.  If you have been to a Lunch with the Pastors already, and would like to join the family on Sunday, let me know!

This weekend is a busy one at Glen Mar! I am inviting all of our wide “church family” to join us for the first event of our Summer Concert Series, the Bayside Big Band concert on Friday night, (come starting at 5:00 pm for the food trucks! Bring a chair! Music starts at 7 pm!) and our Community Health Fair on Saturday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, where local health organizations offer vaccinations, blood pressure checks and have a blood drive, among other things.

Come check these things out and bring friends!

This weekend, I’ll take the “preaching baton” from Pastor Andy, and look at hurdles in our race of faith and how to overcome them. I know you will not want to miss it!

See you in Church,

Pastor Mandy

For more information on what’s going on at Glen Mar, check out our blog “This Just In.”

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