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The Messenger
The Messenger 2022-08-15

By Pastor Mandy Sayers

As you know, we bid Sean farewell on Sunday, August 14, 2022 as our Minster for High School Youth, though he will continue to lead the Young Adult Small group here on Tuesday nights. We pray God’s blessing on all that God has for Carolyn, Owen and for him too!

After a search for great candidates both inside and outside Glen Mar, we have discovered the right person in our midst for a new position – Pastor for Youth and Young Adults! SPRC has approved re-distributing some of Pastor Heerak’s job description so that he can assume the position of Pastor for our Middle and High School students, as well as young adults. This will encompass Sean’s and Jen Rowell’s position.

Earlier this summer, Jen Rowell felt led to move into an administrative role on the Community Life team, and her considerable gifts will be a blessing there. She will remain a valued member of the team as Administrative Assistant for Community Life, and will support Heerak, Julie and Sophie’s administrative needs.

Our Young adult groups will be more strongly connected to the HUB going forward, so that Pastor Heerak will focus on local college students and college age folks, with “older young adults” being treated more like regular adult groups.

Pastor Heerak will continue overseeing Missions, and Pastor Mandy will be taking Pastor Heerak’s responsibilities for the HUB and Adult Discipleship. Pastor Melaina will continue with her present duties and continue with our new social justice small group and ministry. Heerak’s involvement with both Youth and Missions should be helpful in connecting Youth to Mission and Mission to Youth.

Heerak is excited for this new focus, and we are already working to build supportive teams for all these areas, as we “equip the saints for the work of ministry” and seek to deploy our staff resources in ways that advance our mission and steward our finances well.

If you have questions, please see Susan Boucher or any member of SPRC.

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