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Pastor's Ponderings
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Dear Glen Mar friends,

It’s Local Mission Week! Many Glen Martians are out serving Christ locally. At church we’ve done bunk bed building for “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”—so that no kid sleeps on the floor in our town—and also made twin size quilts to go with the beds so that they can cuddle up under beautiful quilts made with love. The laughter and love in the making of these gifts was clearly evident in this place!

Other reports that have reached me include a group that volunteered at a local children’s shelter (with a medical unit), rocking NICU babies, reading to kindergarteners and helping in the kitchen. The person who runs the shelter said, “You should be proud of your Glen Martians. They are definitely willing to get their hands dirty and help.” A highlight was a prayer shawl one of you left for a sick baby. This is what spending time at the feet of Jesus looks like. I’m so very proud to be your pastor. Do you have a Local Mission Week story? Share it with me via email or share about it on our Facebook page!

This week we’ll study the Parable of the Sower, and pair it with a song from the Indigo Girls called “Hammer and a Nail.” It’s got some amazing words and a catchy tune—please check it out before worship (especially if you come to 9:30, where we can’t play the song live because of our livestreaming). Here’s a link to the video—enjoy the ‘80’s hair and wardrobe. .

I know we are all planning on joining our Celebration for Margaret and Sean on Sunday (12-2, food truck until 3). Margaret invites us to share our favorite places to see and specific things to do in those places in her “little black notebook” she’s leaving at the Welcome Center so that she can make those “stops along the way.”

Lastly, mark your calendars for 8/14, when we will have Lunch with the Pastors, open to anyone who wants to come, to learn more about our church or just talk to the pastors about anything. 12:30-2-ish. RSVP to include any dietary restrictions you may have).

See you in Church,
Pastor Mandy Sayers

For more information on what’s going on at Glen Mar, check out our blog “This Just In.”

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