Christ the King, a.k.a. Jesus is Lord

Pastor's Ponderings
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Dear Glen Mar friends,
You may not know this, but this Sunday is Christ the King Sunday and It marks the end of the Christian liturgical year. It’s also the Sunday before Thanksgiving too. And as we come to the “end of the year” it is good to be reminded that Jesus is Lord of our lives and hearts. To say Jesus is Lord is to say that we are not, that our secular leaders are not, that racism, injustice, and oppression are not. It is a reminder that our baptisms are our primary allegiance, and as people of faith, we are called to serve our Lord at all times and all places. We view our politics, and our jobs, and our families, and our finances through the lens of Christ’s lordship. And so, to “give thanks” on the last Thursday in November is to give thanks to the One who is Lord, the one who comes to save, love, heal and free us and all creation.