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Dear Glen Mar friends,

It’s November, a time of thanksgiving for God’s blessings and for the lives of our saints. I hope you will join us on Sunday for worship as we honor the people who have been saints for us and continue our series “Did the Bible Really Say That?” with the phrase “God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle.” (You won’t want to miss it!).

I hope you will join me this weekend in stopping by our Jewels for Hope sale to benefit HopeWorks (8:30 am – 1:00 pm on Saturday) and that you will sign up to help with Journey to Bethlehem and also attend Journey to Bethlehem as well. There are many upcoming events and ministries you can learn about on our website, including Operation Christmas Child Collection and our Advent Study! So much to be grateful for!

In the spirit of gratitude, Jeff Wetstone has asked that I share this note of thanks with you, his church family. Also, Jeff is one of the saints for me, so I’ll put his words here.

See You In Church!

Pastor Mandy

Dear Glen Mar friends—In December 2020, I developed angina while walking with Valerie. We agreed to a semi-urgent procedure and scheduled a coronary arteriogram. We expected to find a single vessel involved and would need a procedure. We felt that all would go well and that I would be discharged on the same day or the next one. Well, the arteriogram showed that there was only one significant lesion found. So, a single stent was placed. Unfortunately, a series of complications occurred. This included a myocardial infarction to occur in a normal angiogram and, two days later, a major stroke.

My heart attack resolved quickly. The loss of the right side resolved over time. The CVA aphasia changed my life. I lost all my memory for the first 3 weeks in the hospital. Then, I found myself with a significant inability to communicate with myself and others. This included an inability to grasp the meaning of God. This all became worse due to additional complications. I needed 2 weeks of extrra hospitalization.

It was at this time, that my mind started to work better. My specialist expected that I would require 18 months of treatment. Thank goodness that I have improved so much to date.

After my nine weeks of inpatient care, I returned to my home. I then was able to start to understand the support issued from Glen Martians. The people who knew and supported me were tremendous helpers. Even the people who knew me less were also helpful and caring. I received prayers and thoughts from you even before I was aware of them.

I was not sure if God meant for me to lose my life. I questioned if my life was done, and I was meant to serve a different purpose. The message I received from Glen Martians was that I received the help from God and was expected to continue to serve. Thank you for your help and for your direction.

Currently, I do not believe that I need the specific attention to my name in Prayer Concerns. I appreciate the positive messages sent. Thank you for helping me value my life, for your contributions, and for your continued support.


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