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The Messenger 2021-11-01

By Mary Ellen Conley

It is finished! The Messenger Newsletter email went out to subscribers on Sunday, Nov. 1. So, how does one access The Messenger Newsletter on the website without the links provided in the newsletter subscription email?

The Messenger Newsletter blogs can be accessed by selecting the menu option “HAPPENINGS” then clicking on “BLOG”. Then, from the Blog page, look under Categories for “The Messenger” on the right side of the page (or bottom of the page on your phone). When you click on “The Messenger”, the first blog in The Messenger will display. The rest of the blogs will follow ordered by post date.

To include all the Events included in the issue, from a blog listing like this one, click on the Tag that says “The Messenger [year-mo-dy]”  (for this issue it is The Messenger 2021-11-01) and it will list all Blogs AND Events that are tagged for this issue of The Messenger Newsletter.

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